“A lot of these companies are not that serious about education – not exactly fly-by-night, but nowhere near as sincere and professional as Newman Tuition, who take an interest in how you educate people and really care about their clients.”


Private Tutors in London


Newman Tuition is a network of qualified tutors offering a bespoke tutoring service across all age-ranges and subjects, including school entrance examinations, SATs, GCSEs, A-Levels and adult education.


We believe that all children have the ability to maximise their potential. This process, however, can be hindered by large class sizes and a one-size-fits-all teaching approach that often occurs in schools. This is why high-quality, personal tutoring can be so effective since it allows each child to learn at a level and pace that suits their individual needs.


We help children and students of all ages and abilities to achieve their potential.

Video Testimonials

I want to tell you how pleased I am that Melissa is teaching Talya. She is really enjoying her lessons and learning well. Her confidence in maths has improved greatly. Thank you so much!

Judy Reuben

I am writing to let you know how impressed I have been with Craig. He is absolutely amazing at inspiring my Year 6 son in trying to improve his literacy skills. My son actually looks forward to his lessons and believe me that is a first. Craig has a great understanding of how young boys learn. When he sees the need he will take a break from the lesson and play boggle or have a go with a Rubik cube. I cannot recommend Craig highly enough!


Dealing with Newman Tuition is effortless. They are extremely efficient, personable & professional. Newman Tuition instills you with confidence. They don't have set rules as to how they teach but more so, listen to the individual needs of every child. The result being: children who don't look upon tutoring as more school work but rather a fun way to cement strategies.

Lucy A

Daniel was really good! The boys seem to like him and he sussed them out pretty quick!!


We have used Lorna for 2 of our children. She is excellent. Reliable, friendly and very capable. I would highly recommend her.


Zac was able to find a good maths tutor for my son who he really likes. I would highly recommend this agency for all your tuition needs.


I highly recommend anyone using one of Newman Tuition’s tutors. David is professional yet friendly and relaxing. He is very patient and his methods to explain problems in different ways are invaluable. Thank you for your excellent exam preparation and advise.

Jack B (student)

First and foremost, my thanks and gratitude goes to Zac, who managed to find a tutor at the very last minute. At all times, Zac has been attentive, interested, caring and professional in providing the RIGHT tutor.
Jeel, the chemistry tutor, proved to be a reliable, responsible and wonderful young man - someone with who my son really connected.
Thank you to all. Highly recommended!


Sarah is very personable & immediately strikes a rapport with children. I can safely say this as she did exactly that with my two children! She made them feel at ease and excited for their next lesson. Always asking, “Mummy is Sarah coming tonight still?” She has the perfect balance of discipline, fun & warmth and the children absolutely respect & adore her.

Jane Davies

I found Newman Tuition to be helpful and professional. My son enjoyed the lessons with his tutor, who arrived on time and with appropriate materials. I received feedback and a progress report after each lesson, which I found to be very useful. I would highly recommend Newman Tuition.

Leeat Wayne

Thank you Newman Tuition for the care and understanding you took to find the right tutor for my son. Jonathan was a great help and took time to understand our son and develop a great working relationship. Thank you Zac for taking the time to listen!


I highly recommend Zac Newman and his tutors at Newman Tuition. They have really helped my daughter to understand what she is covering at school and her confidence has greatly increased!! A******


My children can't wait to see them again and their confidence is boosted no-end! Newman Tuition have a great selection of tutors that are second to none. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Sarah L

Lorna is knowledgable, patient and friendly. She has a lovely way with my daughter who looks forward to their lessons.


We're very happy with the service we have received from Zac, he has matched up our daughter to a tutor very well


Am really impressed with Clair as a biology teacher. She is spot on and very encouraging which is helping. I think the lesson reports are a great idea to to keep parents updated. An excellent tutorial.


Howard has given me the confidence to start my independent work and ensured that my grades have greatly improved. I am now so much more confident in my essay writing skills and analysis skills, and I am able to understand the material now that it has been explained to me in a different, more personal way. I am greatly appreciative of the work that Howard has done - not only does he help me in the lesson but I know that if I need help at any other time he is available. Howard has made the biggest difference to my AS Level grade and I don't know what I would have done without him!

Olivia D (Student)

Dear Craig,
Thank you so much for all your help and hard work in helping me with English. I have already sat the English Lit papers and they went really well. I'm sure that when I take the two language papers they will go just as well thanks to your help - especially with the 15 markers.
Thanks again,

Ben R (Student)

Just to say a huge Thank You to Lara for all the help she has given Sam. She has given him the confidence he was lacking and helped him realise that he could relate the Spanish grammar problems he was having to the same grammar in Latin which he understood.


My son is really enjoying his lessons with Rebecca. She is calm and clear and he has really benefited from her knowledge. Also really happy with the impressive report she writes at the end of every lesson. I would happily recommend her! We have used several of Zac's tutors and have never been disappointed!


Thank you for providing my daughter with a most outstanding Politics tutor. Her attitude towards Government and Politics had already improved so much after 2 lessons, and she is gaining more confidence in the subject. She says her tutor explains clearly and she thoroughly enjoys her lessons. I can't thank you enough!


Just to say a huge Thank You to Otto & Amber for all the help they have given, and continue to give, my son. He has already exceeded his end of year levels in maths & he achieved his end of year levels in English. Both tutors are very patient & knowledgeable. My son really enjoys their lessons.


Amy found the lessons very useful, and I’m so grateful we found your company!
She received A* in her tests and that’s fantastic.

Natalie Somekh

Zac provided my kids with excellent psychology/English and geography tutors. They helped my kids massively with their subjects as well as helping to build their confidence. Would definitely recommend Newman Tuition.


I had a tutor to improve my IT skills. Merlyn was excellent and I learnt a lot with her. She made the lessons pleasant and enjoyable and even made notes for me - which was really helpful. I am now in a new job, which I am really enjoying and using the IT skills I have learnt and will continue to practice.Thank you Merlyn and Zac.

Patsy Stelios

We have been using Newman Tuition for our kids for about 8 months now (predominantly for maths but he covers all subjects) and we have seen a significant improvement in both our kids' work in such a short time. If Zac himself doesn't have an available slot, he has a team of other fantastic tutors under his umbrella and he spends a lot of time to ensure he matches the correct tutor to your kid. Zac is also a pleasure to deal with, always going out of his way to ensure we are happy. The lesson reports and easy online payment are also great!


Thank you so much Zac for recommending Merlyn for some additional Further Maths tuition. Merlyn is a very competent tutor; she has all the lessons planned and works well with enthusiasm and confidence, passing on these attributes to her pupil. Thank you both.


I think Newman Tuition agency is fantastic. Zack is a pleasure to deal with and very understanding and professional. Highly recommend x


I wholeheartedly recommend Howard as a tutor. He is a fascinating raconteur and my 16 year old son enjoys every moment of his politics lesson with Howard. My son sometimes needs somebody to bring him out of himself and Howard is fantastic with this and he has given my son a real enthusiasm for the subject.


I feel blessed that my children have such a superb tutor who tunes in and adapts to every personality. I personally cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sam G

My daughter just got a superb set of GCSE results thanks to her hard work - and Zac’s tutors. He found great tutors for her - often very quickly - and he also understands that not every tutor will work for every child.


Thank you Zac for recommending Matt to help Harry with his Geography. He helped Harry increase by 2 grades over a short period of time. We are really pleased with the end result. Thank you for finding a tutor that not only did Harry click with, but actually looked forward to his lessons.


I really appreciated Zac's personal approach - he talks to you about your child and then finds an appropriate tutor to meet your child's needs. My child received the help they needed from an experienced teacher and we were really pleased with the progress made - thank you!


Really delighted with the tutor Zac recommended for my daughter. She has already gone up to the top set after one term with Temi, who has managed to get my shy daughter to ask questions and enthusiastically engage with Maths. The tutor is always punctual and well prepared. She presents follow up assessments after class to keep me informed. My younger daughter will also start maths tuition this term. Would highly recommend Newman Tuition for friendly and professional service. Very happy.


We have been very happy with Sarah. Costas and her have developed a good relationship. She is so kind and friendly and Costas immediately felt at ease with her. We can see he has already grown in confidence and has a much firmer understanding of the topics he finds challenging in both English and maths. We are sure to see even greater improvements as he continues weekly with Sarah in September and look forward to seeing him progress and grow in confidence even further.

Elli Kavadas

Just wanted to let u know that Josh is great and we are really happy with him.

Alison Wolf

We have used a couple of excellent tutors from Newman Tuition and are currently using their fabulous English tutor, Joye. I like their newsletter and find the organisation efficient and attentive.


Every time she leaves my son comments “I really like Emma”, and my daughter feels very close to her too. The upside is they do a lot but don't really feel like they have been in a lesson as Emma has a magical way of covering topics and getting their participation. My children don't see it as extra tuition after school even though it is.

Melanie H

I was very happy with the service we received from Newman Tuition.
My son's tutor Kishan was very helpful, he put Aaron at ease and was very flexible on times and venues which made it easy to fit this in.
The help my son received from Kishan helped him with his GCSE results.
I would recommend Newman Tuition, I believe they can find a tutor to fit most children.


When we found our son a maths tutor with Newman Tuition is was such a turnaround. My son looked forward to his lesson each week and worked well and kept positive about his maths. He improved immensely and his confidence grew. In addition, Zac was amazing for my son during his GCSEs. Thank you.

Vanessa Levy

We have been using Newman Tuition for 2 years. Zac is a pleasure to deal with and always manages to match up your child to the correct tutor. There is no problem he will not deal with. We highly recommend Newman Tuition.


Jayden really enjoyed his first lesson with Simon. He liked him a lot which is great as he’s quite fussy!

Hannah L

We have had an excellent Physics tutor for AS Level. Zac matched our daughter with an appropriate tutor with whom she got on very well with. The weekly sessions have given her more confidence and Harry helped her work through the more difficult aspects of the new Physics syllabus. Highly recommend.


Oz is very pleased! He got an A* in English literature and an A in English language. We are very proud of his hard work. Thank you!

Aviva Myerson

We had a bit of a tall order for Zac to meet – he found us the perfect tutor, with not just the right academic skills, but a perfect personality match too. The pairing resulted in an A* grade at GCSE. Both the tutor and Zac were keen to hear the results, their support before during and after has been exceptional.


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