Biology Tutors in London

We provide a range of biology tutors in London which suit students of all abilities in the subject. Our aim is to help each and every pupil reach their full potential. Science as a whole is one of the core subjects in the UK’s National Curriculum and is often one that many young people find complex and hard to grasp.


We cover all areas of North London and can come to your residence at a time which suits you and your child. Other areas may be accommodated upon request.


We have a network of biology tutors, all of whom are DBS-checked, offering lessons for academic stages including:


  • Key Stage 2 and 11+ Biology Tutors
  • Key Stage 3 and 13+ Biology Tutors
  • GCSE Level Biology Tutors
  • A-Level Biology Tutor
  • Undergraduate Degree Level Biology Tutors
  • Online Biology Tutors



Get in touch with us today to book a risk-free first lesson with a qualified Biology tutor who can visit you at your home. If you are not entirely satisfied with our service, the first lesson will be free of charge.


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Key Stage 3 & 13+ Biology Tutors


It can be extremely daunting moving from primary education into secondary education for students. This is especially the case with the sciences as, typically, science is taught as one subject in primary school, and then split into the three; biology, chemistry and physics in secondary school. We prepare students for the 13+ common entrance exams, covering all areas of the syllabus including topics such as green plants, the eye, the heart, humans, animals and reproduction. See full list here.




GCSE Level Biology Tutors


Our GCSE tutors can provide an invaluable service at this key stage in a student’s education. With the new 9-1 GCSE grading system in place the volume of work a pupil faces can seem overwhelming. Therefore organisation and exam preparation are key. Our tutors help students develop and focus on useful revision techniques that complement their own individual learning style. We also provide exam materials to help prepare the student for their final exams. The topics covered in GCSE biology include, amongst others, cell biology, bioenergetics and homeostasis. Our tutors are experts in these areas and are passionate in supporting their students.


A-Level Biology Tutors


The leap from GCSE biology to A-level biology can be intense.  We provide guidance to help a student stay on track in pursuing a subject that they are passionate about.


We are dedicated to helping a student to realise their full potential by giving them them the learning tools and confidence that they require. Example topics for biology A-level include, populations and environment, biology and disease and living organisms. Our A-level tutors are experienced in the different exam boards such as AQA, Edexcel and OCR.



University Level Biology Tutors


The experiences had in your GCSE or A-Level years are far from similar to those which one will have when completing a biology degree. When undergoing an undergraduate degree, you will usually be receiving less guidance from your lecturers than when you were at school. It is the case at university that you are provided with the basic materials to read, with lectures and seminars to attend. Unlike in school, these are usually to further your knowledge of the materials you have been given, rather than teaching you them organically like you would be at school. Ultimately you are responsible for your own progress. For students who are used to having a bit more guidance than this throughout their studies, you may want to consider a tutor as an option.


Even though the modules you may take as part of a biology degree do vary between different the universities in the UK, our tutors are experts in their field. They can prepare the lessons to be relevant to the classes you are taking at your university.




Where We Are Based


We offer biology tutors in North London and surrounding areas. We can also accommodate areas upon request so feel free to get in touch. Our tutors come from a range of backgrounds and we make sure that the child is paired up with the best tutor to suit their requirements.


  • Biology Tutors in Hendon
  • Biology Tutors in Hampstead
  • Biology Tutors in St John’s Wood
  • Biology Tutors in Mill Hill
  • Biology Tutors in Edgware
  • Biology Tutors in Stanmore
  • Biology Tutors in Finchley
  • Biology Tutors in Radlett
  • Biology Tutors in Borehamwood
  • Biology Tutors in Radlett
  • Biology Tutors in Totteridge
  • Biology Tutors in Woodside Park
  • Biology Tutors in Barnet



Why Use Private Biology Tuition 


Our private tutors are able to travel to your residence at a time which suits you and your lifestyle best. The tutors are more than happy to work around your schedule.


Unlike in a classroom with a number of students, a private tutor offers one-to-one tuition which aims to accommodate the students individual learning style. Whereas in a classroom environment an idea might be taught and then the class moves on, whether everyone fully understands or not, one-to-one tuition allows a student to go over the areas that are struggling with. In short, your child becomes the centre of attention, so the lessons are designed at a perfect speed and level for their needs.


A student’s teacher may have a particular way of teaching their pupils. A private tutor may be able to provide an alternative way of approaching problems, and offer methods that may be more suitable to that student’s learning style.


We have plenty of delighted parents and students across London: the proof is in their grades. Our tutors are all dedicated to helping their students reach their absolute potential.


Our risk-free promise also provides you with peace of mind. If you are not fully satisfied with the introductory lesson our tutor offers your child, the lesson is free of charge. We can help your child fulfil their true capabilities, get them up to speed, build on their strengths, identify and improve on any areas of weakness and help them achieve their best.


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