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Trying to remember the difference between an alkane and an alkene is just one of the many challenges that come with studying chemistry. Our London-based chemistry tutors are dedicated to providing the best academic help for students of all abilities. We pride ourselves on supporting students to achieve their full potential. Chemistry is one of the core subjects in the UK’s National Curriculum, and is one that many young people can find hard to grasp. All our chemistry tutors have extensive experience in sparking a student’s interest and in making this science accessible to all levels.


Our tutors are available to travel to your residence at times that suit you and they cover all the areas of North London. Our tutors are DBS-checked and offer tuition at all levels including:


  • Key Stage 2 and 11+ Chemistry Tutors
  • Key Stage 3 and 13+ Chemistry Tutors
  • GCSE Chemistry Tutors
  • A-Level Chemistry Tutors
  • Undergraduate University Chemistry Tutors
  • Online Chemistry Tutors


Contact us today to book your first trial lesson. We have a risk-free policy guarantee, which means that if you are not 100% satisfied with the first lesson, you will not be charged for it.


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Key Stage 3 and 13+ Chemistry Tutors


Starting secondary education can be daunting and, since not only may you be moving schools, but the standard of work required is far greater. It has come to our attention that this transition period can throw students off and cause them to be unsettled.


Primary school level science is typically taught as one, combined subject. In secondary school, science is now split into three different classes; chemistry, biology and physics.


We proudly prepare students for 13+ common entrance exams in which we cover the entirety of the syllabus. Some of the areas covered include ‘atom, elements and compounds’, ‘chemical reactions’ and ‘pure and impure substances; physical changes’.


GCSE Chemistry Tutors


GCSEs can seem intimidating to students. We understand the pressure pupils are under at this time and aim to equip them with excellent organisation and revision skills to take them through their GCSE with flying colours.


We promise to deliver the best guidance and examination materials to help students excel in the area of chemistry, meanwhile identifying and focussing energy on their weaker modules and areas within the demands of curriculum for chemistry. Topics taught in GCSE chemistry include the periodic table, solids, liquids and gases, oxides, crude oils and fuels, acids, alkalis and salts, extracting metals and chemical reactions like exothermic and endothermic.


A-Level Chemistry Tutors


We are proud to say that our A-Level tutors are of the highest standard. A-Level study it a massive step up from GCSE and the workload faced by the students is greatly increased from that at GCSE level. Our tutors dedicate themselves to making sure the students stay on track and are able to achieve a top grade in chemistry.


Our first step is to help the student to recognise their own potential, which in turn will push them to want to achieve the best grades possible. We then supply them with revision techniques, a fresh perceptive and way of learning the contents of the curriculum and prepare them for the exam through a variety of different methods that have always proved success in the past.


As with all of our subjects, our A-Level chemistry tutors are experienced in all the different types of exam boards used by schools in the UK. Topics that are covered include, ‘physical chemistry, ‘inorganic chemistry’ and ‘organic chemistry’. Read here for more information on A-Level Chemistry.


University Chemistry Tutors


When completing your degree, you are offered less guidance then you ever were in school. Rather, you are provided with the basic materials and you are responsible for your own progress. For students who are looking for that extra bit of guidance throughout their studies, a tutor is a perfect option for you.


Although the modules involved in a chemistry degree vary between different universities and the courses they offer, out tutors are highly experienced and knowledgeable. They can fit the lessons to accommodate the classes you are taking at your university.

Whether you study Chemistry at Nottingham, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester or a London University, we can help.



Locations We Cover


We have chemistry tutors based in the North London area. We are also able to accommodate for other areas upon request. Our excellent tutors derive from a range of backgrounds and we like to make sure that the child is paired up with the best tutor to suit their needs.

We cover the following areas (additional areas are available upon request):


  • Chemistry Tutors in Hendon
  • Chemistry Tutors in Hampstead
  • ChemistryTutors in St John’s Wood
  • Chemistry Tutors in Mill Hill
  • Chemistry Tutors in Edgware
  • Chemistry Tutors in Stanmore
  • Chemistry Tutors in Finchley
  • Chemistry Tutors in Radlett
  • Chemistry Tutors in Borehamwood
  • Chemistry Tutors in Radlett
  • Chemistry Tutors in Totteridge
  • Chemistry Tutors in Woodside Park
  • Chemistry Tutors in Barnet




We have a huge number of satisfied students and parents located across London. We have in place our risk-free policy, which offers parents peace of mind. We do our best to provide services which are something to write home about. Nevertheless, if it is is the case that you are not fully satisfied with the introductory lesson our tutor offers your child, the lesson is free of charge.

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