English Tutors EYFS and Key Stage 1

English Tuition – EYFS  and Key Stage 1


The journey from Early Years through to the end of Key Stage One is crammed with learning, there are new ideas to grasp and new skills to develop day by day, not least in reading and writing.


Learning should be fun at all ages, but particularly in these all-important formative years.  Our tutors ensure that sessions are active and engaging so that our youngest students can build confidence and undertake their journey with enthusiasm.


Some Key Areas for EYFS English (Literacy)


  • Linking sounds and letters (phonics)
  • Learning to form letters and words
  • Introduction to a wide range of reading material


Some Key Areas KS1 English (Literacy)


  • Reading (Phonics)
  • Spelling and Handwriting
  • Punctuation
  • Comprehension


With such a wide range of concepts to grasp any child can become a little overwhelmed, our tutors can ease the pressure and make stumbling blocks into building blocks.


Good to know… We keep you in the loop – our tutors report back to you on each session so that you can see what has been covered and what the next steps will be.

Below is a list of just some of the subjects we provide tutoring services for:

English Literature and Language
Foreign Languages

Information Technology and Computing
Religious Studies
Verbal Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning
Special Education Needs (SEN) Education
English as an Additional Language (EAL)
Exam and Interview techniques
UCAS applications

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