English Tutors Key Stage 2

English Tuition – Key Stage 2


Knowing your noun-phrases from your imperative verbs is only part of preparing for SATs… and preparing for SATs is only a part of this all-important Key Stage.  Our tutors can ensure that your child is ready for the cycle of tests without squashing their enthusiasm for learning.  We think outside the box to find the most fun and engaging ways to teach, and we tailor our teaching to each individual child.


Some Key Areas for KS2 English (Literacy)


  • Reading with confidence and expression
  • Handwriting – Cursive/Script
  • SPAG
  • Comprehension and Analysis
  • Directed Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Speaking & Listening


We promote reading for pleasure, mostly because reading a good book is such a wonderful experience, but also because we know that readers make good writers.  Check out the Book Trust’s Top 100 books for six to 8 year olds here– how many have you read?  And which books would you add?


Good to know… Everyone has their own way of learning so our tutors ensure that the pace, content and style of each session fits your child’s needs.  

Below is a list of just some of the subjects we provide tutoring services for:

English Literature and Language
Foreign Languages

Information Technology and Computing
Religious Studies
Verbal Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning
Special Education Needs (SEN) Education
English as an Additional Language (EAL)
Exam and Interview techniques
UCAS applications

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