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We provide English tutors in London to students of all abilities. English is a core subject in the UK’s National Curriculum and is one of the subjects that is formative to a child’s development and hugely influential on their future career choices.


We have proudly established a network of top-quality DBS-checked tutors for all stages including:


  • Primary School English Tutors
  • 7+/8+ English Tutors
  • 11+ English Tutors
  • 13+ English Tutors
  • GCSE English Tutors
  • A Level English Tutors
  • English as a Foreign Language
  • Online English Tutors


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Primary School English Tutors 

Primary school English tutors can make all the difference for your child in both the present and for the future. Our role is to assist your child every step of the way and give them the confidence to use English reading and writing skills successfully in the classroom, homework and tests. Our tutors are experts in all areas of the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 curricula.


Subject routinely covered by primary school English tutors include:


  • Basic Reading and Writing – The foundation of the English language is understanding how to engage and interact with it and this starts with being able to read and write in both block and sometimes in script texts.


  • Punctuation – Understanding the mechanics behind the words that make the language ‘tick’ is important. Punctuation is taught in close conjunction with reading and writing. Covering punctuation will include learning about full stops, commas, hyphens, colons and semi-colons and more.


  • Comprehension – Answering questions, often through inference, and doing so in full sentences that can be readily understood is a skill that is carried forward throughout one’s professional life and this starts at primary school English level.


Whether your child needs full supplementation of their school-based study or if they just require that extra push to succeed, we are there every step of the journey, making a positive difference to countless students across the capital.


Primary school is where children start their long educational journey towards college, university and the working world. It is therefore vital that all of the basic principles of English language are covered to prepare them for their progression to secondary school.


7+/8+ English Tutors 

Many private schools admit new pupils in Year 3 and year 4 via external examination. Our 7+ and 8+ English tutors have an expertise in these exams and can help your child to maximise their chances of gaining entry. Due to the young age of these students, our tutors take special care to be supportive and nurturing.


11+ English Tutors 


Students at this level can expect things to get a little more advanced than previous years of study. It is important that all of their knowledge accrued through their primary school studies is fully consolidated and their English skills are perfected. This is core to what our tutors do.


Preparing for secondary school examinations can be daunting but with the guidance of our expert tutors, your child will be able to surpass expectations and be well prepared for the coming years ahead.


Areas taught by our 11+ tutors include:


  • Formulating and using complex sentences
  • Paragraph structure
  • Textual understanding
  • Persuasive and creative writing
  • Debating and presentation of ideas
  • Verbal reasoning


Entrance exams require primary school English knowledge as well as some extra, focused elements of language and literature. Our tutors will set your child on the path to success and will ensure they are fully equipped for any English questions thrown their way in any entrance exams.


13+ English Tutors 


13+ offers a challenging set of entrance exams for some of the more selective schools such as Merchant Taylors, Haberdashers, NLCS, South Hampstead, UCS and City of London.


Our tutors specialise in exam preparation including reading through questions properly, writing plans before essays and effective time management. Our tutors will help your child to prepare through the use of practice papers and will ensure they have the skills to succeed.


Part of the study at this level also engages students with literature and classic texts, starting to introduce students to resources that will help them form a far deeper understanding of the language and prose. Therefore, attention to detail at this level is of utmost importance as the foundations are laid for more in-depth text based study to come at GCSE and A Level.


GCSE English Tutors 


Our network of tutors are well-versed in tutoring students at GCSE level and ensuring they succeed and achieve the best grades through study, exam and study techniques and persistence. We also help students strengthen areas in which they are less confident. Our tutors are fully up-to-speed with the new GCSE (9-1) English Language and English Literature syllabuses.


English Language – This includes persuasive and creative writing and requires students to write a number of pages in an effective and logical way. More open-ended questions may occur, requiring students to conjure up a far greater level of creative detail than ever before. They will be required to describe, explain and debate through the medium of the English language.


English Literature – Students will need to read and analyse texts such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Jayne Eyre, An Inspector Calls, Lord of the Flies and Of Mice and Men. They will then need to answer questions and address various arguments and concepts in the English Language; applied to well-known literature. This will include more complex concepts such as pathetic fallacy, symbolism, juxtaposition and more.


There is also the need to critique poetry and anthropology successfully, with the exact work depending on the exam board.


English Coursework – Our tutors can offer help with GCSE English coursework in case the pupil would like some help with essay writing, planning and presentation.


A Level English Tutors 


Our A Level English tutors are of the highest standard. When it comes to A Level study, it is a step up of what students have experienced throughout their GCSEs. Students’ workloads will greatly increase and they will be required to spend time reading around topics and literature.


A level tuition combines literature and language and requires students to read texts and write about them in great length and detail. A Level English is also a pathway to university studies and potential entrance exams. This level of will likely form the basis of applications to university, colleges and jobs.


Time management and resilience are crucial and our tutors have a great deal of experience in developing these skills.


English as a Foreign Language Tutors 


Our English as a Foreign Language (EFL) tutors are highly qualified and very experienced in helping students of all backgrounds, abilities and ages to improve their level of written and spoken English. Whether you want to brush up your skills, or prepare for English exams such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), our expert tutors will be along side you, helping you to develop.


Online English Tutors


We regularly get requests for online English tuition from students abroad or in other parts of the country. Rest assured, our expert English tutors are available and excited to help.


Where We Are Based 


We offer English tutors in North West London and can also accommodate areas upon request. Our tutors come from a range of backgrounds and we make sure that the child is paired up with the best tutor to suit their requirements.


Our area coverage includes (but is not limited to):


  • English Tutors in Hendon
  • English Tutors in Hampstead
  • English Tutors in St John’s Wood
  • English Tutors in Mill Hill
  • English Tutors in Edgware
  • English Tutors in Stanmore
  • English Tutors in Finchley
  • English Tutors in Radlett
  • English Tutors in Borehamwood
  • English Tutors in Radlett
  • English Tutors in Totteridge
  • English Tutors in Woodside Park


The Benefits of Private English Tutors 


Private English tutors fine tune the skills of students and assess all areas of their study; strengths and weaknesses, ironing out any weaknesses and strengthening areas for improvement. Upon reaching exam time and deadlines, students with English tutors will receive the one-to-one attention and expertise to enable them to maximise their potential.


About Us 


zac-newmanNewman Tuition was established by Zac Newman, an experienced teacher with a background in psychology and counselling.  We are passionate about offering private tuition in a safe and secure environment. We make sure that every tutor has been DBS (CRB) checked and we ensure a continuous dialogue with parents to check everything is going well.


We understand how important it is for your child to succeed in English, one of the core subject of their study, and our tutors will ensure success is achieved and expectations surpassed.


To arrange a session with an English tutor:


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