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Maths Tuition – GCSE and IGCSE


Making Maths harder makes it more fun right?  All we can say in answer is that, in any circumstances, the statistical likelihood of maths becoming more enjoyable increases when you have expert support from one of our tutors.


The updated curriculum certainly poses greater challenges to students in terms of assessment; some students might rejoice at the absence of coursework but the pressure of multiple exams can be a huge source of anxiety for many, regardless of ability.  Our tutors know that confidence is key, and that learning how to cope with the exam process itself is just as important as revising content – we are experts at building up self-belief and helping our students to conquer their exam worries with practical on-the-day strategies as well as revision tactics that will ensure information sticks!


So, what does the current syllabus demand?


As per the previous key stages, your child will be tackling the following topic areas:


  • Algebra
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability (Statistics may also be offered as a stand-alone GCSE)


These areas will necessitate a strong working knowledge of a range of formulae as well as a clear understanding of the order of calculations amongst a plethora of other numerical subjects.  It’s a lot to take in. That’s why our tutors take a creative approach to teaching and learning and ensure that our sessions are tailored to your child’s needs whatever their learning style or pace.


Our tutors are familiar with the programme of study laid out by a series of exam boards, including:


…and will be able to carefully guide your child through each study area so that they will be able to tackle the course with confidence.


Good to know…Our tutors have a wide range of revision strategies to share; we can ensure your child has all of the tools they need to reach their potential.



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