Online Tutoring Services

Our online tutoring services allow students to fit their studies around their home-life and busy schedule by learning effectively online. All of our online tutors are experienced and have worked with students across a range of subjects.


Newman Tuition is able to offer the following:


  • Online Maths Tutors
  • Online English Tutors
  • Online 7+, 11+ and 13+ Tutors
  • Online Science Tutors
  • Online History Tutors
  • Online Geography Tutors
  • Online Language Tutors
  • Online Economics Tutors
  • Online GCSE Tutors
  • Online A-Level Tutors
  • Online University Application Tutors
  • Online University Tutors
  • Skype Tuition Services


Our team of dedicated tutors offer services online through webcams, shared screens and Skype. We ensure the perfect match between students and their respective tutors to enable students to maximise results and realise their true potential. All of our tutors are fully DBS checked for all levels of tuition.


Your first lesson will be free of charge if you are not 100% satisfied with the tuition received. To book an online tutor today:


Call Us – 020 3198 8006


Email Us – [email protected]


The Benefits of Online Tuition 


Online tuition provides you and your child with maximum flexibility when it comes to fitting in the lessons that count; to strengthen the areas of difficulty and ensure progress in time for exams and further studies. The process allows supplementary education to fit around a very busy timetable – making life easier for pupils and their parents.


Remote Access to Tutors – Allowing students to make the most of their studies, online tuition allows lessons to be held remotely and at times to suit you and your child. Whether your child is abroad on school holidays, home-schooled, under the weather or a budding athlete taking part in competitions – online tutoring allows them to advance their education wherever they are.


Ensuring the Perfect Match – We always work hard to ensure strong working relationships between tutors and students. Your child will receive the ideal tutor for their study needs who will be able to guide them through their journey of study remotely.


Out of Hours Tuition – It may be that due to school, family life or extra-curricular activities, your child is unable to fit in their additional studies or visit a tutor. By engaging with an online tuition programme, your child will be in their home environment and able to study in confidence and comfort, with the perfect tutor on hand.


Skype Tuition 


Skype is a free of charge online platform and powerful piece of communication technology allowing audio and video calling between people. Skype tuition utilises these tools for the benefit of you and your child. With a variety of features that lend themselves to online tutoring, Skype is an ideal way to facilitate online tutoring services:


Crystal Clear Audio – Skype’s audio is pitch perfect and with an internet connection you are assured of high quality audio every time. This allows your child and their tutor to be able to engage properly and to communicate without obstruction or interruption.


High Quality Video – Skype provides high quality video functionality. This is important as a webcam allows the student and tutor to see each other in real time, avoiding any potential distractions and helping both maintain a strong connection to maximise results through effective tuition and study.


Screen Sharing – Skype tuition is a great way to utilise the screen-sharing capabilities provided by the platform. This enables users to display in real time their active screen to one another and help with the sharing of resources and information. It allows for demonstrations and examples to be viewed in order to aid learning.


Simultaneous Messenger – Skype’s Messenger service allows the easy sharing of documents, files and allows type chat between student and tutor. This makes it practical to share past papers and worked examples between parties.


Areas We Cover 


Although we focus on offering tutors in London, those tutoring students online cover much further geographies. We utilise online video and audio platforms including Skype, Google Hangouts and other tools and services. Having matched students with the ideal tutor for their study area, we can then set up times for the online tuition to take place wherever your child and their dedicated tutor are.


You always have the option to do a combination of home study and online tuition to accommodate those busier days.


Levels Covered by Our Online Tuition Network 


As with our offline tuition services, we cover all levels of study when it comes to tutoring online including:


  • Primary School Level
  • 11+ Exams and Studies
  • 13+ Exams and GCSE Preparation
  • Key Stage 3 Level
  • GCSE Level
  • A-Level
  • University Applications
  • University Level
  • Entrance Exams


How We Are Different To Other Online Tutoring Websites 


Unlike many other online tutoring websites and providers, we provide a great deal more than just pre-determined study packages for students. We are an extensive and highly experienced network of successful tutors across a plethora of subjects and study areas. Each course and each subject area taught is tailored to each specific student.


We understand that one student’s weakness may be another’s strength, and so we ensure that the most important areas for each student are focused on. All of our tutors strive for the highest levels of success and always work to ensure that come exam time, your child is better prepared than ever before, giving them the keys to their own success.


Tailoring Studies for Success 


We do not use rudimentary packages or ‘tutoring plans’ purely based on budget. Rather, we assess and discuss areas of comfort, strengths and weaknesses with you and your child to formulate a bespoke plan for online studying. This allows us and our students to truly harness their full potential through the medium of online tuition.


About Us 


Started by Zac Newman, an experienced teacher with a strong background in psychotherapy and counselling, our core belief is that every student is different, and we are truly passionate about offering our online tuition services in a safe and secure environment to protect your child and ensure their success. All of our tutors are fully DBS checked and we maintain ongoing dialogue with parents as well as students throughout.


Arrange Tuition Online with Us 


To help your child truly reach their potential across all subjects and to arrange your first risk-free lesson:


Call Us – 020 3198 8006


Email Us – [email protected]

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