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Based in North London, we have a team of qualified physics tutors to suit students of all abilities. Science is considered a core subject in the UK’s National Curriculum. Physics is often considered the most difficult of the three science subjects taught in school, especially amongst those students who tend to struggle with mathematics. Our tutors empower students to fulfil their potential.


We offer a network of physics tutors, all of whom are DBS-checked and are willing to travel to your residence at times which suit you. Lessons available for academic stages include:


  • Key Stage 2 and 11+ Physics Tutors
  • Key Stage 3 and 13+ Physics Tutors
  • GCSE Physics Tutors
  • A-Level Physics Tutors
  • Undergraduate University Physics Tutors
  • Online Physics Tutors


If you want to book a risk-free first lesson with a qualified physics tutor, get in touch with us via the details below. We are so confident in our tutors that if you are not entirely satisfied with our service you don’t pay.


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Where We Tutor


We offer physics tutors in North London area. We are also happy to accommodate additional areas upon request. Our tutors come from a range of backgrounds and we think it is vital that each student is paired up with the tutor that best suits their needs.


  • Physics Tutors in Hendon
  • Physics Tutors in Hampstead
  • Physics Tutors in St John’s Wood
  • Physics Tutors in Mill Hill
  • Physics Tutors in Edgware
  • Physics Tutors in Stanmore
  • Physics Tutors in Finchley
  • Physics Tutors in Radlett
  • Physics Tutors in Borehamwood
  • Physics Tutors in Radlett
  • Physics Tutors in Totteridge
  • Physics Tutors in Woodside Park
  • Physics Tutors in Barnet




We offer physics tuition at all stages in a student’s life including:


Key Stage 3 and 13+ Physics Tutors


The transition from primary education into secondary education is not easy for any child, both socially and academically. The work is often a big step up and this is especially the case for science as, in primary school, science is typically taught as one single subject. In secondary school, the subject of science is spilt up into three categories; physics, biology and chemistry. We prepare students for the 13+ common entrance exams, including topics as specified on the syllabus such as energy resources; motion and forces; and force and rotation.



GCSE Physics Tutors


A private physics tutor can aid in easing a student into the intense couple of years taken up by GCSE experiments and examinations. These years are undoubtedly some of the most important in a student’s schooling years. We appreciate the volume of work that a student has to deal with in this time, which is why we feel so passionate about supporting the student so that they can succeed.


We encourage and help students to use revision techniques which complement their own personal learning style; this may be visual, audio or a mixture of the both. We also focus on exam preparation, time management in the exam room and organisation. We cover all topics in the physics syllabus including topics such as waves, radiation and space; the use and transfer of energy; and the application of physics.


A-Level Physics Tutors


The A-Level years are, of course, the most important in a student’s academic life at school. A-levels examinations provide you with the key to unlock higher education and purse a degree in a subject of your choice. With the increasing competition for a place at a top UK university, the demand for top A-level grades is high.


At the same time, if a student does not want to go into university, A-levels are often required to complete an apprenticeship or other similar alternatives to higher education.


Physics is renowned as being one of the more challenging A-Levels. Many students are put off studying physics at A-Level due to the fear surrounding the intensity of the course, despite having a passion for the subject. This is especially the case for girls. This does need to be the case.


We give students the tools and confidence so that they are able to realise their potential in the subject. A few of the topics covered in A-Level physics include: particles, quantum phenomena and electricity; mechanics, materials and waves; and investigative and practical skills.


University Physics Tutors


The way you are taught and learn in university is a whole new world to the way you were at school. There is a lot more self-study required at university level. This can take some adjusting too and many find that they need that little bit of extra help. We are here to help.


Our tutors are experienced and qualified in their subject and are able to support you as you work towards being a fully independent learner.

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