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Here at Newman Tuition, we offer a range of fully qualified Science tutors in North London and beyond, helping students of all abilities in Science. The number one aim of our tutors is to provide each pupil with the knowledge, skills and confidence to realise and reach their full potential in their upcoming assessments and examinations.


Science is one of the most important subjects and is compulsory up to GCSE level under the UK’s National Curriculum. However, it is a subject that many find they really struggle with due to its complex nature and link with mathematics.


We cover all areas of North London and beyond and can travel to your residence at a time which suits you and the student. Other areas may be accommodated upon request.


Our network of DBS-check tutors cover the three subjects within Science:



And offer lessons for the following academic stages:


  • 11+ Science Tutors
  • 13+ Science Tutors
  • Key Stage 3 Science Tutors
  • GCSE Science Tutors
  • A-Level Science Tutors
  • Undergraduate University Science Tutors
  • Online Science Tutors


If you want to book a risk-free first lesson with a qualified Science tutor who can visit you at your home, contact us today. Our risk-free lessons mean that if you are not entirely satisfied with our service, the first lesson will be free of charge.


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13+ Science Tutors

Going from primary education into secondary education can be a big step. A child is not only being exposed to a new environment and new people, they are also finding a whole new way of learning. We understand that this transition can easily throw a student off, especially due to the pressure, work load and new information.


At secondary level, the sciences are spilt into three categories rather than the one at primary level, so we offer tuition in physics, chemistry and biology respectively.


We effectively prepare students for the 13+ common entrance exams, covering the entirety of the syllabus. Areas include, ‘atom, elements and compounds’ (chemistry), ‘reproduction’ (biology) and ‘motion and forces’ (physics).


GCSE Science Tutors

Our GCSE level tutors are fully qualified to provide a student an invaluable service at such a key stage in their education. The importance placed upon the 2 years during a student’s GCSEs cannot be denied. GCSEs hold the key to unlock the next level of education or professionalism. Since it is probably the first time a student will be under this amount of pressure, it can cause a student distress and lead to a distraction in their learning environment. Our tutors can help to reduce this anxiety and ensure confident learning takes place.


Recently, the new 9-1 GCSE grading system which replaced the A*-U grading system, has brought further changes and challenges for schools and students alike. With this added pressure on students, organisation and exam preparation are the key to success. Our tutors aim to help students develop upon their organisational skills and provide the right resources to prepare for examinations effectively.


Topics covered in Science GCSE include; ‘cell biology’ (biology), ‘the use and transfer of energy’ (physics) and ‘the periodic table’ (chemistry).


A-Level Science Tutors

The Sciences are popular choices for A-Level subjects, but also have a reputation for being some of the hardest A-Levels to excel in.


A-Levels are an extremely important step in a student’s academic life; often paving the way to university. If a student decides that university is not for them, A-levels are still usually required to apply for an apprenticeship in the professional world.


We provide A-Level tutors in all three denominations of science. Our tutors dedicate themselves to motivating our students to doing their best and realise their full potential. As well as developing areas of strength, we also identify a student’s weaker areas and focus on these areas to improve them.



University Level Science Tutor

If you choose to take a science subject to degree level, you may find that the content and way of teaching shifts quite heavily from what you may be used to at GCSE and A-level. When completing a degree, you will find that you usually receive far less guidance in the teaching process than you did during your years at school. Typically, you are expected to do far more independent study and are not necessarily taught the material directly.


If you find that having less guidance throughout your studies is difficult for you to adjust to, consider a private science tutor who can provide you with one-to-one tuition in any module or modules you need help with. Our tutors can design their lessons to be specific to the course you are on at whatever university you are part of, since they are experts in their field.


We currently offer Science tutoring for several Universities around London including UCL, Kings College London, Queen Mary’s, University of Middlesex and Hertfordshire. With our online skype tuition, one of our personal tutors is sometimes only a click away as we can set up a session even if you are based in Bristol Nottingham, Birmingham, Leeds or Manchester.




Where We Tutor 

We offer science tutors in area of North London and beyond. We can also accommodate areas upon request. Our tutors come from a range of backgrounds and we make sure that the child is paired up with the best tutor to suit their requirements.

  • Science Tutors in Hendon
  • Science Tutors in Hampstead
  • Science Tutors in St John’s Wood
  • Science Tutors in Mill Hill
  • Science Tutors in Edgware
  • Science Tutors in Stanmore
  • Science Tutors in Finchley
  • Science Tutors in Radlett
  • Science Tutors in Borehamwood
  • Science Tutors in Radlett
  • Science Tutors in Totteridge
  • Science Tutors in Woodside Park


The Benefits of Private Science Tuition 

There are plenty of benefits to having private tuition in science. There is a lot of importance placed on the performance of a student in the field of science, however, it is appreciated that it is a tough subject to grasp. According to a recent consensus, one of the subjects in which students achieved the lowest grades at GCSE level were the sciences.


A tutor can provide a student with a whole new outlook on the subject and a new way of learning which suits their individual learning style. In a classroom, it is not always possible to get the one-to-one tuition that will accommodate a person’s learning style.  Our private tutors help students to look at things differently in terms of approaches to problems and methods to maximise potential in revision techniques.


Moreover, a classroom environment does not always allow a student to revisit their weaker areas with the help of a teacher. This can lead to them falling behind if they do not grasp a particular topic. With private tuition, this risk is reduced. If you choose to seek help from one of our tutors, the student will be the centre of attention at all times – the lessons will be specially designed at the perfect speed and level for their needs, and incorporate areas which need to be revisited.


We are pleased to be able to say that we have plenty of satisfied parents and students across London. One of the things we are most proud of is that our tutors dedicate themselves to helping students realise their own abilities and potential so that they can go on to believe they can achieve the top grades.


We offer peace of mind to parents with our risk-free policy. Our tutors are always aiming to provide the best service possible, however, if you are not satisfied with our introductory lesson, it will not be charged.

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